Friday, 20 June 2008

Listbox - SelectionMode

One of the features I am missing at the moment from Silverlight 2 is SelectionMode=”Multiple” for Listboxes.

This is a feature that they don’t plan to support at the moment. I can’t really argue with features being cut. It’s about trying to get out as much as possible as soon as possible.

From delay’s blog.

“Why is SelectionMode.Single the only supported SelectionMode? The Silverlight controls are subsets of their WPF counterparts in order to keep complexity and download size as low as possible. In cases where it seemed that specific functionality was not widely used, we opted to exclude it for Beta 1 and use customer feedback to identify which missing features are the most important. SelectionMode.Multiple and SelectionMode.Extended both fall into the category of "very nice to have, but seemingly not critical for most scenarios" - if you need multiple selection support, please let us know!”

However I have to disagree, if you speak to many developers regarding Silverlight 2, the most missing requested control is the ComboBox. I have no doubt that when the combobox is made available, for single selects most people will use the combobox has the control of choice.

So where does this leave the listbox, the most common scenario for a listbox (from my own experience) is for doing multiple selects. So therefore i believe this feature is important as it’s difficult to do this without it. Leaving the only real solution is to use the Html Bridge, use a third party control, or write your own control.

To the extent that I have decided to use XBAP for a feature I am developing at the moment (in which I would prefer to use Silverlight 2)

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