Friday, 13 June 2008

Fest08 – What a blast

I was at the superb NxtGenUG Fest08 yesterday. I have to say this was one of the best conferences I’ve been too.

Session Highlights:

Oliver Sturm – F# – Superb overview of F# (something that i play with in my spare time occasionally)

Josh Twist’s Expression Blend Demo – best designer demo I’ve seen from a developer.

Who’s Session is it anyway – another NxtGen gameshow. What a hoot!

Day Highlights

Although coordinators can’t win prizes (I’m one of the Cambridge region coordinators). My nugget in Birmingham was top rated nugget for the year, My nugget in Coventry was rated 2nd top nugget. And my session with Richie Costall was rated 2nd best session in Cambridge (Daniel Moth was first).

It was also great to see Daniel Moth do his swansong nugget before he heads to Redmond.

I was asked very last minute to do a grok talk (which seemed to go down very well).

Big Thanks to Rich, Dave and John for putting together a brilliant day.

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