Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Silverlight Christmas in Coventry

Myself and Rich, did a joint session on Silverlight in Coventry last night for nxtgen.

What a great night, i had to admit i had a brilliant time, and just laughed myself silly with Rich. It was a very light hearted evening, not going into Silverlight in too much depth, but trying to cover lots of little nuggets and demos.

Rich had built an amazing Silverlight advent calendar to give away Swag and pick the demos :)

My only complaint is that due to time constraints (there was also a nugget on), I didn't get to do as many of my demos as I would have liked, there were more of Richies :( , and therefore it got a little rushed towards the end.

However it was a great evening, and I am looking forward to Cambridge tonight, where we do the same session but with more time.

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