Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Last Night in Cambridge

Last night in Cambridge myself and Richie did our Silverlight Christmas session again.

I think it went really well once more. It was nearly a little bit of a panic as the projector knackered up, and it was looking very bad for us indeedy.

In the end, Rachel and Ben of Red Gate were superb once more, and managed to find us another room with a projector.

We started late, and finished late (and didn't cover everything we wanted to), but in the end I think it went very well.

One thing that was very weird (this does not happen on my laptop, but i was using Richies laptop), Isolated Storage between Internet Explorer and Firefox seemed to be sharing with each other. This made me look like a little bit of a pillock as I did say it wouldn't share (and it doesn't on my laptop). So I think i need to look into this a little more and find out what happened.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, and have a Merry Christmas and see you next year.


Christopher said...

Great demos last night and an excellent use of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (in Lego) too :-) I ended up discussing this in a meeting as I have been asked to quickly prototype something akin to a Karaoke machine using WPF, where I would synchronise a MediaElement for a video with time-tagged annotations (i.e. lyrics) using a ParallelTimeline.

Doing this with Silverlight, I suppose that I could follow Richie's Threepwood example and re-encode the video using Expression Encoder, inject tags and then make the UI respond by showing the annotations.

In any case, please can you make the demos available somewhere. I also don't have the video you used available locally as the internet here is rather restricted, so if you could share that too I'd be grateful. It would also make a good pre-xmas piece of work :-)


chrishayuk said...


I'm glad you enyoyed the session.

We've had a few comments about people being inspired to do some stuff (which was the point of this session).

Absolutely, Richies Threepwood sample is a great one to look for Video Markers (he does also have a Video Marker sample, which he didn't have time to show).

You will also have available my Downloader Sample (which I didn't have time to show), which should help you for dynamically downloading the video.

We will post up the samples (including the video), hopefully by the end of this week.