Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Silverlight 2 Yahoo Search

So I've put up my first version of my Silverlight 2.0 Yahoo Search application.

You can use the application for real searches here

So the UI is terrible (needs lots of work), i haven't implemented paging (so you only see the top 5 results). However it is a start and it allows me to play with lots of different concepts.

I will do a blog posting about it in more detail. However the key points is that it uses Yahoo's search api and searches occur between your machine and yahoo search (cross domain call, no proxying at my server).

If you have read scott guthries DIGG article, lots of the coding is based on it.

I will make the source available soon, and post more about some of the details.

Have fun!


Codebased said...

Hi there,

Waiting for the source code to look at how are you showing downloading % and also wanted to know if there is any way to implement paging for DataGrid?

Jakob Røjel said...

Just tried, it looks like it dies if you using special characters e.g. like the 'ø' (which happens to be in my last name)

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