Sunday, 2 March 2008

Back from SQLBits 2

I was up at SQLBits in Birmingham yesterday.

I had a fantastic time and seen some great sessions, namely Andras, Mike Taulty and Andrew Fryer. Unfortunately I couldn't stay until the end (which is a shame as I wanted to see Tony Rogersons session).

It was nice to catchup with loads of folks and I had a lot of very kind people who have seen me present chat to me and say very nice things. I just want to say a quick thanks to those people i spoke to, its great to get such feedback as it inspires you to do more sessions.

As it was yesterday the sqlbits folks were short of Grok Talks, so I put together a quick 10 minute session on using Linq To Sql, Paging in Linq to SQL and the application name in connection strings. I really did throw it together with no practice, so I hope those people who saw my grok talk enjoyed it.

Another big mention must go to Colin Angus Mackay who did two grok talks that day. Well done Colin!

Anyways thanks to all at SQLBits for putting together such a great day (and i wish i could have stayed to the end).


Colin Angus Mackay said...

Thanks for the mention :)

I got some useful information out of your Grok talk. And impromptu speaking is an excellent skill.

chrishayuk said...

I'm sorry I missed your first talk but I saw your spatial data grok. You did a great job and I got some great information on spatial data.

I was particularly impressed with the level of preperation (especially since i just threw my own one together).

I genuinely believe that Grok Talks/Nuggets are very important in the community. So its great to see people like yourself putting in the effort (promoting them and doing them) to make them a success.

Please keep up the good work.

chrishayuk said...


I forgot to say, thanks for the kind words Colin, I appreciate it.

I very much enjoyed the grok talk and I am glad you got something out of it.

Barryk said...

Mike Taulty is just a star; his session was at a perfect level and pace.
Chris, I look forward to future appearances of the infamous shirt - despite come debate over the content there is no denying you present very well.