Saturday, 7 February 2009

Silverlight Games and the real time web

So following on from my last post, where i was talking about High Score Services.

Perhaps the high score service concept could be taken further. 

Why not have your application automatically integrate with your facebook account (or twitter)m and automatically publish your high scores to your friends.

Let your friends know your status realtime in the game.

Chris has just scored 20,000 points in Kangaroo Man (a made up game title).  Chris is currently on Level 2 of Big Bad Space Aliens.  Chris has just been wiped out by a big scary Alien.

Again, this would be cool functionality.  A real pain for a casual game developer to do on his/her own, but if a common library / service was available to integrate too, it would raise the bar of games.

P.S. Don't read this as a service / library I plan to write.  I'm merely pontificating.

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