Monday, 12 January 2009

DDD7: Thanks for the great feedback

I just got my feedback for my “Introduction to Windows Azure” session (or as it was titled “Welcome to the Cloud”.

Looking at the scores and comments, the feedback was incredibly high.

Big thanks to everyone who attended my session and gave me such great scores, it really is appreciated.

Even bigger thanks to everyone who was involved in the organization of DDD7, it was just a superb day, well done guys.


Slodge said...

Thanks again for the session.

I think you'd have gotten even higher scores still if you'd worn a better shirt :)

Do you have an Azure app live at the moment? I'm asking as I'm trying to collect a list of apps together within my new app -



(Do you think I got away with the blatant plug for me new app?)

chrishayuk said...

:), the shirt always provokes comments.

Great site :)

I have my Azure Blob Browser (just google for the link), and I am working on some secret stuff too not yet published

Slodge said...

Thanks - you've been added!

Nowhere near your level of shirt (and I disgraced myself by not opening a code editor once) but here was my Azure talk -

Looking forward to finding out about "secret stuff" :)