Monday, 28 April 2008

Silverlight Streaming (aaaaarggggggggh)

For whatever reason. I cannot get my screencast up onto Silverlight Streaming.

I keep getting failed to proccess video.

I have tried encoding the video (with various settings), and used both Expression Encoder 1.0 and the Encoder 2.0 Beta.

Same error and an unhelpful error it is. It encodes fine on my machine. I upload it to silverlight streaming. Once its uploaded it tries to process the video, and gives me the vague and generic error (failed to process video), with no clues to what is wrong.



winston1000 said...

Which leads me to the question of how do you use web-dav to just copy videos and then access them without the encoding etc :)? I know the guys do something like that with the sls javascript and streaming: url. I haven't been able to get it to work in silverlight 2.0 though. Maybe someone knows the secret incantations?

Anonymous said...

There is a known issue with wmv files encoded using Expression Encoder 2. Upload the video without encoding it. If the video has already been encoded, use Windows Movie Maker to publish the video and then upload it to SLS.