Friday, 18 January 2008

Back from Southampton

I'm back from last nights Silverlight Session in Southampton.

I spent 2 full hours live coding the session. No Slides, Virtually No Cutting and Pasting. Just pure coding. And from what I can tell it went down a storm. I really enjoyed the event, much preferred the new format to the sessions I have done in the past. I also think everybody enjoyed seeing everything being coded live.

We really covered a lot in this session, and suprised that i managed to pack so much in. There were a couple of hitches (one of the things with live coding, no matter how much you prepare), and again I have a couple of lessons learned, but I am really really pleased with this session.

I think it safe to say, I can put my disastrous DDD sessions behind me. I have now done 3 main sessions since then, and they have all went really well. One of them in is currently in the NxtGenUG all time top 10.

I have only been speaking since september, and every session is a learning experience, and I think I am improving each time.

Just to say a big thanks to Rich and John at Southampton for supporting a relatively new speaker, and well done guys, what a great group you guys have (very impressed).

Also a big thanks to Guy Smith-Ferrier for putting me forward to John and Rich to do a session in Southampton. Guy really is one of those superb blokes who really wants to develop UK speakers. After DDD i really felt as if I let folks down (the feedback wasn't that bad, but i knew i could do much better), and I really wanted to get this one right.

Anyways enough waffle.

Thanks Southampton for coming to the session, and the code will be up later today


Anonymous said...

Cheers for coming so far to see us Chris! Really enjoyed the talk. It gave a very useful insight into the current and near future state of Silverlight with just the right level of breadth and depth.

Guy Smith-Ferrier said...

The outcome was never in any doubt. Glad it went well, Chris.