Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Developing against Silverlight 1.1 Alpha in Visual Studio 2005

It is possible to develop Silverlight 1.1 Alpha applications in Visual Studio 2005 (rather than having to use orcas).

Don't get me wrong i love using orcas but it's not always practical to run up the Virtual Machine, when i just want to play around.

Here is how to use Silverlight 1.1 in 2005

1) Use a class project
2) remove all references
3) Project Properties->Build Tab->Advanced->Check 'Do not reference mscorlib.dll'
4) Add References to mscorlib, agclr, System, ,System.Core, System.Silverlight, and System.Xml.Core from the Silverlight folder (Microsoft Silverlight directory within Program Files)
5) Ensure the references are not copied to the output directory
6) Ensure the approriate content is copied to output directory (including your xaml file)
7) Ensure the xaml file build action (properties in visual studio) is set to content.

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